May 05, 2019

No, I had to "fork" it, when it still was on Google Code, because of temporal extensions and lately JSON stuff. Sebastian sadly doesn't seem to be on Github a lot. Would love to contribute my changes, but I also have to have the ability to change/fix stuff on my own. That said I really love the whole idea of Brackit, a flexible query compiler framework with proven rules, to rewrite the AST usable by any data store... and I want to plugin rewrite rules for index accesses as well as operators in the first place and so on (the indexes can be manually created and queried as of now). Sirix basically as of now has to use raw document scans, but I'd love to work on rewrite rules and then on a cost based optimizer (that said it would be great to find someone who is experienced and can help a bit). His Ph.D. thesis can be found here:

And Sebastian worked under supervision from Dr. Theo Härder :-)