May 02, 2020

> So we should give all this data to the foreign companies instead of our own elected govt?

Or give the data to no one and do contact tracing in a privacy preserving way like the one apple and google designed?

May 02, 2020

> Wasn't this the future everyone imagined ? or we all want to carry more X number of cards ?

I think you're referring to the future where all tickets are digital, which is fine. This is in addition to the ticket, id checks etc. You will need to show the aarogya setu e pass to prove that you're low risk, don't have a history of coming in contact with a person having covid 19. In theory it sounds fine, the devil is in the details : having to link phone number, have all location history stored etc. If its like how apple and google designed it, I would be fine with it. Privacy is preserved. And this should never be mandatory in the first place. Reading :

Apr 29, 2020

The FAQ gives more info:

In short, it says users have to specifically enable the feature and can opt out at any time. Isn't that completely sufficient to eliminate it as a privacy issue?

If it was opt-out, I would certainly feel very differently.

Apr 27, 2020

No, Google and Apple announced they are creating APIs and tools for governments to build apps - they are not releasing an App themselves.

"8. Who will create the apps and where do I find them? Public health authorities will update or create apps which users may install if they choose to participate. Google and Apple will make available, as normal, the public health authority apps for each region in the Play Store and App Store."


Apr 26, 2020

Google and Apple have published a FAQ about how this system, which they're now calling Exposure Notification, will work from a high level. (This is not the protocol details, which are published elsewhere.)

Important bit: This will not default to on, you will have to opt in. Apple and Google have a regional kill switch if it is being abused.

Apr 26, 2020

Section 4, "How will the system protect user privacy and security?", bullet one:

> Each user will have to make an explicit choice to turn on the technology. It can also be turned off by the user at any time.

> Can I turn it off? Yes. The choice to use this technology rests with the user, and he or she can turn it off at any time by uninstalling the contact tracing application or turning off exposure notification in Settings.