May 10, 2021

A better link is the research paper:

> The universal Turing machine is generally considered to be the simplest, most abstract model of a computer. This paper reports on the discovery of an accidental arbitrary code execution vulnerability in Marvin Minsky's 1967 implementation of the universal Turing machine. By submitting crafted data, the machine may be coerced into executing user-provided code. The article presents the discovered vulnerability in detail and discusses its potential implications. To the best of our knowledge, an arbitrary code execution vulnerability has not previously been reported for such a simple system.

> A common strategy for understanding a problem is to reduce it to its minimal form. In the field of computer security,we may ask the question: "What is the simplest system exploitable to arbitrary code execution?" In this article, we pro-pose an answer to that question by reporting on the discovery that a well-established implementation of the universal Turing machine is vulnerable to a both unintentional and non-trivial form of arbitrary code execution.