May 01, 2020

NetBSD ->

Abstract Multics first appeared in 1965, UNIX First Edition in 1969, 1BSD in 1977 and NetBSD 0.8 in 1993, followed by NetBSD 1.0 in 1994. The more modern versions: NetBSD 5.0 was released in 2009, 6.0 in 2012, 7.0 in 2015 and 8.0 in 2018. 8.0 was officially announced on July 16th, 2018. The NetBSD-8 branch was being developed as NetBSD- current between June 4th , 2017 and July 21st , 2019. Net- BSD-9 was branched on 30th July and 708 pull requests (884 commits) were processed in the branch until the final release on February 14th 2020. The development period lasting 1.5 years brought a rich set of features to the distri- bution. These include: support for new hardware devices, massive improvements for the ARM 32-bit and AArch64 architecture, stub of RISC-V support, new hardware-as- sisted virtualization options, improved Wine support, ker- nel and userland sanitizers and fuzzers, security hardening and CPU bug mitigations, graphics stack upgrade, ZFS upgrade, debugging interfaces refinement, packet filter policy, 3rd party software upgrades, many bug fixes, generic enhancements and removals of obsolete code.