Jun 05, 2019

There's a lot to learn about this topic:

"In addition to canceling his grants and attempting to prevent his work from receiving public attention, the lead industry also worked aggressively to destroy Patterson’s credibility through the news media.[77]32 Beginning in 1963, several newspapers discounted Patterson’s work by focusing on Dr. Robert Kehoe and other lead industry allies in an attempt to create uncertainty about the effects of lead in the environment.[78-84] Herbert E. Stockinger, chief of toxicology with the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) in Cincinnati, Ohio, had just conducted studies and presented data which suggested there had not been increases in environmental lead levels or in the amount of lead in human blood or urine over the past several decades. Rather than address scientific concerns relating to Patterson’s studies, the lead industry attacked Patterson personally and sought to tie him to political activists of the environmental movement. Stockinger himself claimed Patterson’s conclusions were “rabble rousing . . .science fiction” and accused Patterson of “trying to be a second Rachel Carson.”[65] Multiple newspaper articles discussed Patterson’s research in the context of several contrary government and industry reports that claimed lead in the environment was not a major problem and was not created through exhaust emissions, but rather through other industrial wastes. Although these studies were scientifically unsound, they were given equal weight in the media"

http://www.anthonyturton.com/assets/my_documents/my_files/1A... [p 76]