Aug 27, 2019

>I, and I think a lot of HN readers, are strongly of the impression that Palantir sells a platform and toolkit for mass data analysis specifically meant for human tracking across large government datasets

They do

Aug 27, 2019

Yes, Palantir does do a good job of supporting authoritarian regimes.

I guess the yc hive mind disagrees

Aug 12, 2019

I flagged this because the report [1] directly contradicts the headline.

Heck, the article itself contradicts the headline.

The vast majority of the 1.5B is going to the DOD, not ICE.

According to the report, ICE is getting just 44m of that 1.5b. For comparison, the IRS gets 31m and the SEC gets 56m.

It really looks like the article was willfully misrepresenting the numbers in order to get a hot-button social issue into the headline.