Dec 10, 2019

Sounds like 1/16th of a ZMOB! ("The computer of the future, using the processor of the past.")

>ZMOB: A NEW COMPUTING ENGINE FOR AI. Chuck Rieger, Randy Trigg, Bob Bane

>ABSTRACT: A new research multiprocessor named ZMOB is described, and its significance to AI research is surveyed and characterized. ZMOB, under current construction and scheduled for completion late Fall 1981, is a 256 processor machine with a high speed, interprocessor communications system called the "conveyor belt", a non-blocking, 20 megabyte/second message switcher. Because of its large number of processors, high computational throughput (100 million instructions/sec), large cumulative high speed memory (16 megabytes), high interprocessor communications bandwidth, and external communications and sensing channels, ZMOB opens some new areas of exploration in object-oriented modeling, knowledge-based and domain expert systems, intelligent sensing and robotics, and distributed perceptual and cognitive modeling. The paper attempts to blend a description of ZMOB's hardware with ideas about where and how it fits into various types of AI research.

>The fastest Z80 computer ever designed and built was almost certainly ZMOB, a 256 node Z80A cluster designed and built at University of Maryland as part of NASA NSG-7253. That's a total of 1GHz of Z80 power.