Dec 05, 2019

>I see someone is watching too much MSNBC....

All cable news is terrible, but obviously you disagree as your opinions have been written for you by Fox News opinion hosts ("Fake News"). Literally, you have expressed 0 opinions that were not written for you by Hannity or Tucker.

>I am sure you have evidence based proof of all of this correct?

Of course, if you actually followed the multiple court cases exposing this corruption, you would see the court filings demonstrating the facts of his legendary multi-hundred-million emoluments violations, enriching himself by ordering our government to spend taxpayer money at his private businesses solely for his own benefit. Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm!

Regarding Donald Trump raping children with Jeffrey Epstein, one of his victims gave a sworn affidavit to that effect.

Regarding Donald Trumps extortion of our allies to help himself personally and our enemies, he admitted it publically, but details his crimes along with

The corruption of Trump is at all levels, from ordering the military to drive 100 miles out of their way to spend double the market rate at his personal facilities (rank, impeachable corruption) to giving 400 million dollar sweetheart contracts to allies and donors rated "unfit" to handle the contract by our own military

The sad part is, all of this evidence is public and being blasted from the rooftops

Your statements here are a complete and total indictment of your fake news propaganda bubble, that you know none of them and have seen none of this evidence.

>Don't make me laugh, Candidate B is just as corrupt

This is called false equivalence. No politician in American history has been a fraction of corrupt as Donald Trump. Sorry if facts are triggering.

>Candidate B believes the Constitution grants rights, instead of limiting government,

This is hilarious nonsense. Not only is it false, but it's the kind of civically-illiterate nonsense that gets repeated on the right among folks who don't know better. The Constitution doesn't "limit" government when it creates a sovereign Congress which can pass any law including updating the Constitution. You're confusing the dual duties between the Constitution (defining government power) and Bill of Rights (limiting it).

>" they believe there are no limits at all to government"

Wrong! It's the GOP which is arguing for the "Unitary Executive" the King President who has no limits, who can "murder someone and get away with it". Wake up my man! Donald Trump views himself your King, not your President, and has waged a war against limited government and limited power unlike any war in our history! As Donald Trump ignores separation of powers, destroys the separation of powers, he has transformed the Presidency into a Dictatorship or Monarchy. The only party which believes there are "no limits at all" are currently trying to get away with crime based on the theory that the President is King!

Literally the GOP defense for Donald Trump's corruption and crimes isn't "he didn't do it" it's the famous Nixonian reply "When you're the President, it's not illegal". They literally spin his impeachable crime as being "OK" because when you're a Republican, you're allowed to be corrupt, to steal, to rape, as long as you remain loyal.

Stop fighting against limited government and start supporting our Constitution before it's too late!

> is also the source of a good chunk of the National Debt given they are the ones that create the Entitlement programs that are driving this nation to bankruptcy

Fact: The only President in the modern era to return a surplus to the treasury was a liberal. Reagan QUADRUPLED the debt. Bush left us with a $1.2 trillion dollar deficit, while Obama lowered it by 70% to $400B!

Your narrative is totally devoid of all facts. Every liberal President for the past 40 years has lowered spending by balancing the budgets, while every Republican has gone on a debt-financed spending spree.

I hope one day you can break away from your rancid, fact-less, evidence propaganda and learn how these little lies you are used to telling your buddies don't hold up to even ten seconds of fact gathering.

Literally, every statement you've made has been false, and you've not even attempted to provide any evidence to support it.

Jun 17, 2019


I am reading the report

I actually, cannot find anything in that report that establishes unquestionable links and outcomes that left was looking for.

Selective-outrage, cherry picked partisan garbage.

In general, selective-outrage leads to selective justice, selective justice leads to tyranny, please think about it next time you read cherry picked conclusions.

Even with that, the investigation -- were not able to establish that

a) Trump directed Russia to do anything

b) the outcome of election was driven by foreign interference

In the mean time, Obama admin did not stop any interference while they knew of attempts. So it was either not significant or it did not help Trump.

Let's not forget, however what has been established:

The whole investigation was partisan, and premised on fake evidence, illegally planted.

Clinton campaign directing and buying fake evidence from foreign powers, to initiate spying on a political opponent -- is exactly the type of foreign and domestic inference, that should have been investigated by a special council.

So that much for 'equal justice' for all.

Mueller's claim that Russia hacked into DNC emails and release damaging truth to US voters, through Wiki leaks -- has not been proven either beyond a reasonable doubt.

You can choose to believe it -- but there is no evidence that was presented to public that clearly established the link.


Finally, nobody is branding oposition to GOP as fake news -- what is branded as fake news is:

a) selective-outrage

b) fake claims

c) active suppression of positive news from Trump

d) active purging of conservative voices on social media platforms

e) presenting the left's abuse of judiciary system with never-ending perjury traps -- as 'Justice'. While the outrage against this hijacking of US's judiciary system is labeled as 'obstructing'.

May 26, 2019

The report is publicly available here. [1] This is mostly covered on pages ~22-26. Quite a short read since it's redacted like crazy. The 'massive influence' seems to have been a company that setup some fake accounts on Facebook with a total advertising spend of $100k, and one that also had a few thousand spam bots on Twitter that 1.4 million people had "been in contact with" - a phrase which was left undefined.

[1] -