Nov 29, 2018

> Since you mention Bayesian methods, I thought I may randomly ask you - have you come across any good work about applications of subjective Bayesian statistics in AI? (by my adviser) (chaired by my adviser, new)

Oct 02, 2018

Some people think the inequality has gone down significantly (I'm in that camp), but others point out to things like Bezos and a few others owning more assets than 80% of the world combined.

Regardless, AI is bound to increase inequality. Just yesterday we discussed this book [1] on probabilistic programming here on HN [2]. That book is, by all definitions, an advanced book about AI. How many people without a PhD can read that? How many people with a PhD can read it? Well, guess what, people who can and do read this book earn more than people who don't. That's AI driving inequality. Before AI will create the mythical HAL or other self-aware machines, it will enable humongous productivity for the top 0.01% most highly educated engineers.