Dec 10, 2017

There's also the Iota "Tangle":

Dec 06, 2017

>IOATA and their overrun nodes

IOTA is a Tangle[1], which is coordinated[2] flow, similar to a Directed Acyclic Graph[3]. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "overrun nodes" but by virtue of how the network operates, this should not be an issue unless everyone is sticking with only the default nodes in their configuration, but that delves into a conversation of programmer vs user error that isn't pertinent to this thread. Some of us choose to run full nodes without incurring any speed loss, and it doesn't seem to be much of an issue of not having enough of them, only that people aren't using them. Even still, this has not degraded network performance.

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Nov 28, 2017

What is IOTA?


White paper:

Nov 06, 2017

IOTA actually seems pretty revolutionary. I don't think it's a finished product yet but if you want some info then it's a DAG ("tangle")[1] instead of a blockchain and offers 0 fees and possibly huge scalability. There are some products already using it: RuuviTag[2], Bosh XDK Iot[3], PoC ElaadNL charging station[4], Modum[5]. Once they prove they can go without the "Coordinator"[6] I'm going to be completely sold on the project.







Oct 04, 2017

Might be worth learning about DAG, Tangle and IOTA too, here is their latest whitepaper:

Aug 17, 2017

The reason some ICOs release a white paper in LaTeX is that there is often a lot of math to be written out. Take for example IOTA's white paper:

Often, it's easy to spot the ones that are doing the faux-academic thing.

Aug 11, 2017



Jul 09, 2017


Here's the related white paper:

Website is here:

Jun 29, 2017

If your looking for a cryptocurrency that doesn't use a blockchain but Directed Acyclic Graph