Dec 29, 2016

Is it really surprising that a Presidential election is a juicier press coverage topic than the Office of Personnel Management? The House released a comprehensive and scathing report on the OPM hack:

Countries gather intelligence about each other all the time, the interesting part of the hacks surrounding the elections is that the information was made public in an attempt to influence the results. If you recall form the 2008 election both the Obama and McCain campaigns were hacked by China, but it was a conventional information gathering operation. It was in the news, but fell off quickly because nothing was released to try and influence the election.

Nov 23, 2016

As a sailor in the US Navy, let me quote from the Chairman's letter leading the OPM breach report (1), here he is addressing all federal CIOs:

The effectiveness of our country's response depends on your answer to this question: Can you as the CIO be trusted with highly personal, highly sensitive data on millions of Americans?

I guarantee most Federal CIOs never even saw the report, and wouldn't believe the question actually applies to them. The folks at DDS did though (including Matt Cutts), and I'm willing to bet they have it pinned up on the wall.