Nov 19, 2016

haha, absolutely. It takes a lot of intelligence to detect non-informativeness. you might enjoy:

May 05, 2016

A much better paper came out last year that used tweets from Deepak Chopra and quotes from a random "new age wisdom" generator.


And there's some followups...

Dalton 2016 -

Reply from Pennycook et al. -

May 05, 2016

If I can tell correctly, these statements were used as examples of bullshit (from [1]):

1. Hidden meaning transforms unparalleled abstract beauty.

2. Good health imparts reality to subtle creativity.

3. Wholeness quiets infinite phenomena.

4. The future explains irrational facts.

5. Imagination is inside exponential space time events.

6. We are in the midst of a self aware blossoming of being that will align us with the nexus itself.

7. Consciousness consists of frequencies of quantum energy. “Quantum” means an unveiling of the unrestricted.

8. Consciousness is the growth of coherence, and of us.

9. We are in the midst of a high frequency blossoming of interconnectedness that will give us access to the quantum soup itself.

10. Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is joy.

(I definitely fall prey to 4.)

Some additional commentary (from [2]):

> Although this statement may seem to convey some sort of potentially profound meaning, it is merely a collection of buzzwords put together randomly in a sentence that retains syntactic structure. The bullshit statement is not merely non-sense, as would also be true of the following, which is not bullshit:

> “Unparalleled transforms meaning beauty hidden abstract”.

I wonder what kind of bullshit other political groups (liberals, libertarians, anarchists, ...) fall prey to.