Apr 04, 2016

> I would like to create learning software that emphasizes pride in failure over success. That the end is not the goal – continuous effort to try again and fail again, and try again and fail again is.

This reminds me of a study by Claudia M. Mueller and Carol S. Dweck of Columbia University - ‘Praise for Intelligence Can Undermine Children's Motivation and Performance’ [1].

They said praise for the effort and not results.

They found that children who were praised for their intelligence, as compared to their effort, became overly focused on results. Following a failure, these same children persisted less, showed less enjoyment, attributed their failure to a lack of ability (which they believed they could not change), and performed poorly in future achievement efforts.

Children praised for effort chose problems that promised increased learning, they had continued interest in mastery by preferring to receive strategy-related information.

[1] PDF: https://psychology.stanford.edu/sites/all/files/Intelligence...