Dec 26, 2016

As someone that has just spent the last 27 months building an OS from scratch in a University research environment (an OS that can survive catastrophic hardware and software failure [0]), I am very impressed with the quality of this document. I only wish I had found it previously!

OS dev can be great fun and gives you a level of understanding about how computers actually work that is hard to gain from other sources. I have frequently found myself using the knowledge I gained from building the OS when working on other projects. It has been particularly useful when it comes to understanding performance issues. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is even remotely interested.

Other superb resources to help you get started include the OSdev wiki[1], along with this document[2] from the University of Birmingham, UK.




Aug 23, 2016

Last week I read the very good 'How to build an operating system from scratch' [1], and I'm glad I did. It meant that I could burrow into the files on this github project and understand exactly what was going on.

One day, when I finally have some free time, I am totally going to do this myself.