Aug 30, 2016

This is what I completely fail to understand about Thiel: he says stuff like that, and then goes and says that democracy was a mistake, monopolies are the proper way to do business, and we need something more like a monopolist-monarch to run the place[1].

That seems like a very selective view on modernity which tries to embrace "science and technology" for the profits they can bring, while deliberately discounting what the many human sciences tell us about how humans can work and work together. Can you actually believe in, say, "human collective intelligence as distributed Bayesian inference"[2], while also wanting a world dominated by monopolists and dictators? I mean, for that matter, how can you claim to stand by science and technology while also being, quite publicly, an evangelical Christian, who thus rejects naturalism, the broadest worldview-level fruit of the sciences, in its entirety?

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