Nov 20, 2016

Technologists are people, too!

I think we should definitely be thinking about those things. We have some pretty sharp technologists to point to who thought about the ethics of what they were doing as well. Those working on the Manhattan Project and the German equivalent[1] and come easily to mind.


Oct 24, 2016

It's ok to resubmit stories after some time has passed, but this one was submitted four weeks ago with significant discussion alongside it. I'm totally ok with stories like this being resubmitted after 3-6 months, but one month is too soon by my mark.

Resubmitting stories that don't get initial traction is fine, but this post had a lot of traction when it was submitted last time so it doesn't fit in that category.

> I don't think this would be considered a dupe.

Have a look here, dang clarifies what is a dupe in this post . It should clear up why mods marked this story about german nuclear scientists as a dupe. Plus, the try submitting and you'll see it gets caught by the dupe detector.

Note that I didn't mark this post as a dupe, the site moderators did that.