Oct 04, 2016

This is a nice piece of recent research: Keystroke Recognition Using WiFi Signals

[0]: https://www.sigmobile.org/mobicom/2015/papers/p90-aliA.pdf

Aug 24, 2016

That link goes to the ACM Digital Library, where the paper is behind a paywall. Oddly, it is also available on the ACM SIGMOBILE site without a paywall: https://www.sigmobile.org/mobicom/2015/papers/p90-aliA.pdf

If I am understanding this thing correctly, WTF...they are figuring out keystrokes by looking at the variations on a WiFi signal caused by the movement of human fingers during typing, which change how the signal propagates!?

Note that the computer you are typing on does not even have to be using WiFi. Heck, you would not even need to be using a computer. This should work if you are using an old manual non-electric typewriter.