Nov 19, 2016

Two others of theirs:

Nov 04, 2016

Space software? Nice! Going to check out MISRA now.

FWIW the initial page just reflects the JPL publication "The Power of Ten – Rules for Developing Safety Critical Code" by Gerard Holzmann [0]


Jul 14, 2016

The original paper describing and justifying these rules in more detail is at, and the official document is at

Jul 01, 2016

As a NASA flight software engineer who has created and worked with coding standards for critical software, I would highly recommend Gerard Holzmann's (JPL) Power of 10 Rules []. This is a set of the 10 most important (and thus highly restrictive) embedded flight software rules. It gets straight to the point and, at only 6 pages, is much easier to apply to actual software development than this ~400 page tome.

EDIT: Another great point referenced in the Power of 10 rules: a requirement is only valuable as long as you can enforce it. With some exception, if you can't enforce it with a static analysis tool or something of the sort, it might not belong in your coding standards.

Feb 15, 2016

Dr Holzmann's "The Power of 10: Rules for Developing Safety-Critical Code" was published in June 2006 issue of IEEE Computer Society "Computer" magazine. It is a small standard, easy to understand and remember; mechanically verifiable; and measurably effective.