Mar 05, 2016

I would agree if you said that “most investment funds are a charade” or that most investment funds aren’t worth the fees they charge. Though I’d ask for a citation that Bridgewater (and other positive outliers) fall within statistical expectations, because I believe the data would show that there are many more positive outliers than you would get from pure chance [1].

Also, how much diligence have you done to conclude “Nothing about Bridgewater would indicate that they somehow 'get it' whilst the other funds don't”? Have you ever evaluated their knowledge, resources, and culture vs. the market? Do you not believe they have the culture described, or do you not believe it will result in better investment returns than the market? I imagine that you don’t read Bridgewater’s Daily Observations [2]. If you did, I think you would be quite impressed and would attribute at least some of their returns to skill.

[1] Here are two references to a similar, but different, rebuttal:

[2] Here is an example of some of their economic publishing