Dec 20, 2016

The article doesn't mention all of the alleged offenses regarding the lawsuit. There's definitely more than just a "spying program" here:

* Restrict the Googlers’ right to speak, right to work, and right to whistle-blow.

* Prohibit Googlers from speaking plainly – even internally – about illegal conduct or dangerous product defects, because such statements might one day be subject to discovery in litigation or sought by the government.

* Prohibit Googlers from telling a potential employer how much money they make, or what work they performed, when searching for a different job.

* Prohibit Googlers from using or disclosing all of the skills knowledge, acquaintances, and overall experience at Google when working for a new employer.

* Prohibit Googlers from speaking to the government, attorneys, or the press about wrongdoing at Google.

* The policies even prohibit Googlers from speaking to their spouse or friends about whether they think their boss could do a better job.

There were alleged training practices, policies, and documents outlining these offenses and they are written up pretty plainly in the suit itself[1]. Makes for better, more detailed reading, than this Engadget piece.

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