Nov 02, 2016

no. perl5 can deal natively only with finite lists, not general iterators over infinite (lazy) lists. of course you can design an iterator over lazy lists, but you got no language support as with __iter__, other than using tie callbacks.

only perl6 supports lazy lists and coroutines and yield.

but iteration is only a trivial part of a design pattern. as the name says, a pattern is matching certain conditions, like number of arguments, types of arguments, context, ... and applies a specific solution to this pattern. perl5 and perl6 are not functional enough to provide this kind of pattern matching and functional dispatch. python and ruby neither. perl6 has multi-methods, but no proper matcher.

Norvig explains a bit in, but in essence any strongly typed FP deals with that.

May 19, 2016

> I did not start with OO, I never read the GoF book, and don't really get the obsession with design patterns and everything surrounding them. I've surprised a lot of others who likely have, by showing them how simple the solutions to some problems can be. Perhaps it's the education of programmers that is to blame for this.

Design patterns are mostly crutches for languages that have pretty weak expressive power. In a powerful language, you don't need most of them.

See also:, slides 9 and 10.