Nov 11, 2016

This is really stupid. It's essentially just a wrapper around the original source that Donald published here:

Nov 09, 2016

Here is a document from the Trump campaign about his short term goals, I hadn't read it yet when I posted above but I think most of my points survive:

No mention of ending abortion. I agree that it would be sexist and catastrophic if it happens, especially given the state of american health insurance coverage.

EDIT: from this document it looks like he plans to target undocumented immigrants who have a criminal record -- the process will probably be very disruptive, I think this is the single policy of Trump that could cause the most human misery, but it seems possible that the process could give the others a more secure status.

Nov 09, 2016

First 100 days plan posted, you can see, concretely, what he hopes to accomplish:

Nov 09, 2016

It is literal:

See "End Illegal Immigration Act" outlined here:

Nov 09, 2016

> They realize, Thiel said, that Trump doesn’t really plan to build a wall. “What they hear is, ‘We’re going to have a saner, more sensible immigration policy.’ ”

I totally disagree, they absolutely believe that he wants to build a wall and that Mexico will pay for it. See "End Illegal Immigration Act" outlined here:

Peter Thiel is naive to think this is not literal.

Nov 08, 2016

He has his 'contract with the American voter' on his site:

The big ones are term limits for Congress and lower taxes.